So Will I – Theistic Evolution in Worship

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If the stars were made to worship so will I

If the mountains bow in reverence so will I

If the oceans roar Your greatness so will I

For if everything exists to lift You high so will I

These beautiful lyrics have impacted me deeply from the first moment they came through the speakers of my car stereo. It is so worshipful and really helps me to visualize the power and glory of God at the creation of the universe.

God of creation

There at the start

Before the beginning of time

God was there from before the beginning of time, He created everything and everything exists to worship and exalt Him.

God of Your promise

You don’t speak in vain

No syllable empty or void

God’s promises come to pass! His Word will accomplish His purpose and will not return to Him void.

God of salvation

You chased down my heart

Through all of my failure and pride

On a hill You created

The light of the world

Abandoned in darkness to die

Despite all of the failures and pride and sinfulness of humanity, God came to Earth and became a man to die for people created by His own hands on a hill created by His very Word. It is simply amazing that the God of the universe would do that for you and me.

If You left the grave behind You so will I

I can see Your heart in everything You’ve done

Every part designed in a work of art called love

If You gladly chose surrender so will I

God’s plan of salvation culminated in the resurrection of Jesus, the second person of the Trinity, as He left the grave behind Him to sit at the right hand of the Father on our behalf. Everything He created, everything He did for us on the cross was out of His never-ending love for His creation. He orchestrated His own execution and then in His human form, surrendered to the cross for us. Knowing all that He did for us, we should willingly and happily surrender to Him.

I can see Your heart

Eight billion different ways

Every precious one

A child You died to save

If You gave Your life to love them so will I

Every single person is created by God and so precious to Him that He died to save them! Because of His great love for humanity, we should give our lives to love people by proclaiming His gospel.

These are all such breathtaking verses about our awesome God and Creator!

After a few times listening, I decided to Google the lyrics. What I found was disheartening.

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